Still In This World
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Who Are We?

We are a movement of people who still have hope in this world.  Though we are surrounded by acts of evil and chaos, we place our trust in Christ and take seriously the notion that God calls each one of us to join in God's mission to bring heaven to earth, here and now.    

Why John 17?

There is a popular tendency among Christians to overemphasize the glories of the afterlife, often at the expense of our current lives here on earth.  We do not discount God's promises of heaven in the life to come.  However, we also take seriously God's promises of new life today.  Rather than focusing on escaping this world because we are "not of this world," we instead focus on John 17:11 when Jesus recognizes that his disciples are "still in this world" and John 17:18 as Jesus prays that God would not remove them from this world, but would "send them into the world." We believe that this change in theological emphasis has a significant impact on the way we live our lives.

Sign Me Up!

If you'd like to identify with our movement of hope, there are a couple ways to get involved.  We are just getting started, so we'd love to hear from you! Email us by clicking on the icon link at the bottom of this page. We plan to start selling "Still In This World" stickers soon, so it would be helpful to hear if you'd be interested in purchasing some. Also, we would like to populate our blog with stories of hope, stories from people all around the world who have chosen to not give up on this world, but rather, take this world seriously and ask, "How does God desire to use me for God's purposes here, today?"  If you have a story to share, reach out to us with an email.